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Why did we do it?

About Us

Many times we have asked how and why Acción Senegal was born ...
When this happens we both look at each other and in the depths of our hearts are intertwined endless sensations very difficult to explain.

Our project was born like most things in life, in a progressive manner. Evolves over time and combines concerns, experiences, desires ...
For several years, we were traveling through various countries of the world trying to find other forms of culture and noting on the ground all that, that many times is read in the news or seen on television. Very soon you realize the huge imbalance in the world and that the vast majority of the world's population lives in a permanent scarcity and misery.

When we finally got to Africa, we discovered a continent bled by a thousand and one unfortunate events in their history and an extremely bleak present given the very extreme climate, endemic diseases and political systems -somewhat questionable-.
But we discovered on that continent also a component that filled us with hope ...
Children were loved and protected by their elders in a tribal and traditional family structure, with a big content of love and solidarity in adversity.

We found friendly people, welcoming, offering all they have, as little as it could be, without expecting anything in return. This is the way they have been educated.

On subsequent trips we were concentrating our views in a much more concrete area, with the desire above all to know. Know the most important and primordial needs of the population and, above all, know their way of thinking and acting.

We believe that this step was absolutely necessary before attempting to take any action since the trend of "Toubab" (white man in Wolof), is to help under the Western perspective of how things are, and numerous times leading to ideas that look good from our point of view, but are quite negative in the context of the african life.

And little by little, one thing led to another ... From our first visits in which we travelled stuffed with clothing to distribute, until our last trip where we went laden with medicine, clothing and financial donations with which, in addition to virtually complete the financing of the construction of a house that will offer a roof to several families, conducted a field work consisted of purchasing rice, soap, candles and matches that we distributed in villages and towns throughout central and eastern Senegal.

Why then, coming back to the initial question, is "Acción Senegal" born?
Well, it comes as a matter of evolution. It arises because these little actions, with the help of many others, are turning into something larger, and we see that some of the projects that at the individual level seem to be so enormously distant, now are much more closer to achieve, thanks to merging a large number of small gestures and intentions aimed to improve the world around us.

And so we had to institutionalize our actions and turned into a duly registered association, since the bureaucracy in every country requires that the volumes that we are beginning to move, though paltry, should be absolutely transparent and clearly protected by well defined statutes.
For us it was a mere obstacle to go ... A further demonstration that the good will of people to try to collaborate with others that also will is not enough not enough ... but this is the least of the problems.

Our main problem is this constant feeling that everything we do is little; that we could always do more ... and to overcome this mental state is a challenge that is not always achieved easily.
But this is compensated again when we return to Senegal and go, like little ants, assisting in the small everyday things of the population. Living and sharing. Giving and receiving ...
Someone told us one day that we must be feeling really well when we complete our projects, as we have the chance to notice how much we are able to help others ...

And it is indeed like this. Our answer was very clear and concise ... ...
We feel extremely well for noticing how much they are able to help us.

Just because there in Senegal, we feel persons in the most widest sense of the word.

February 2009

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