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About Us

It took me many hours of thinking and thinking about who we are. I think it is easier to explain what us moves.

Albert works as Manager of a subsidiary in Spain of an Italian multinational. I work in a call center for a tour operator preparing Trip budgets for travel agencies.

We are normal people with regular jobs, with the same concerns as all of you, but above all, with big dreams that even though they are not always met, we must always try to achieve.

What is my ultimate dream? Many times something as small as seeing a child smile, when you give him new sandals because he wears only one, since the other has been broken. And what's even better than that smile? .... to see the smile of his mother.

Mothers are the same throughout the world. They love their children above everything. When you make a child laugh, and give him something, they wholeheartedly thank you, at the same time that these mothers apologize if the child was full of dust and made you dirty.

The smile of a girl who is beginning to be flirty and you gave her a nice dress or when you pay medicines to a patient who had extra costs for which he had to borrow from neighbors and relatives. These acts are priceless to us.

Many times, some people have made me wonder if this is really of help, this little grain of sand. You know, the lesson of the rod and the fish .... "better to teach fishing…" . And there is a true behind this lesson. It truly is. But I can assure you, that when you give a family who goes with rags some clothes, and they dress them immediately, and they wear the only decent thing they have as soon as they see you coming, the smiles shine over everything and invade every single corner of the place.

When they say to you "We spend five days eating millet water because the rice is too expensive and we had no way to buy it .... Thank God that you came, you have been send by him" .... That is priceless to us. Knowing that a family will eat for weeks with a sack of rice is the best gift you can do ... ... they already know "to fish" rice, but the yields are often poor and the hunger reaches so easily.

This is the greatest gift that we have from Senegal. I could tell you lots of stories .... We carry so many in our hearts that we could fill 100 pages like this one ... .. so… to describe "who we are," would be like saying "we are normal people who are fortunate enough to receive so much from the people of Senegal, and we are so selfish, that we do not want to stop receiving these clean and pure smiles that we've seen in the world and are filling your heart. "

Ana Alcón

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