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Tomboronkoto Clinic

Ongoing Projects

The clinic of the rural community of Tomboronkoto, in the Kedougou region, provides healthcare to approximately 3.000 people in 26 villages.

Due to lack of resources, the clinic is not able to operate properly and Accion Senegal has carried out a number of activities and projects aimed at helping alleviate this situation.

The main objectives to be achieved are:

- 1 pregnancy ultrasound machine to attend the needs of pregnant women in the area.

- 1 UPS (uninterruptible power supply system), in order to supply the clinic with battery generated power.

- 1 oxygen supply machine for life-support purposes.

- 1 ambulance gurney for easier transportation of patients.

- Medicines for the pharmacy of the clinic, since it suffers from a major shortage of most generic drugs.

- Gynecological equipment for the delivery room.

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