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School supplies

Ongoing Projects

The project of school supplies is another of our permanent Projects with the aim to collect material and / or funds to the purchase school supplies.

Any kind of material is very well received as the dearth of resources in educational institutions in the country often causes the students to be lack of any kind of elements.

The collection of basic materials, especially the one relating to writing instruments (pencils, pens, crayons, rulers, etc.), is the most important topic in this project.

In the area of heavier material, such as notebooks and books, we allocate a portion of the economic resources of the association to purchase them at the country, since the weight of the material makes it difficult to transport it from Spain.

We also try to provide schools in the area of Tambacounda and Kedougou, with a first set of Laptops and software for the first time in this region. These computers are going to be used for a better management of the government of the schools and a better preparation and updating for teachers, as we try to accompany the equipment with a package of didactic Software's (CD'S encyclopedias, maps, etc ...)

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