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Patient transporting vehicle in Dialacoto

Past projects

On April 14, 2010 a hughe part of the collaborative project with the Dialacoto clinic was completed.

A Renault Express van was purchased in Dakar and members of Accion Senegal drove it to Dialacoto after passing the relevant mechanical revisions and the process of labeling.

A important celebration was waiting for us on arrival at Dialacoto, with all local and regional authorities present and the active participation of the Association of Women in the region that welcomed us between speeches, dances and songs.

The Dialacoto clinic started its activities in 1999 and in all these years, they haven't had any kind of vehicle for the patient transport. The health center gives sanitary attention to a population of over 15,000 people - distributed among 67 villages -.

The material delivered on this day, was as follows:

- Renault Express van to transport patients
- Laptop for the clinic database
- Refrigerator for exclusive storage of vaccines
- Medicine of all kinds (Over 40 Kilos) and clinical material (scalpels, tweezers, etc.).
- Cash (200 euros to cover the costs of insurance and vehicle maintenance in the coming months).

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