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Medicine & Glasses Project

Past projects

The medicines and eyeglasses project is an permanent ongoing project performed in each and every one of our trips to Senegal.

All medicines that we distribute come one hundred percent from donations collected from our friends and colleagues; once in our office, we proceed to pack them properly for transport.

A similar procedure is with the glasses that come through donations, in this case the process is that the Optic that works with the Association (Óptica Marcos) is responsible for identifying the graduation, to marke them accordingly and to leave them as new for use.

On trips conducted in October 2008, April 2009, November 2009, April and November 2010, anf May 2011 we delivered at clinics in the east area of Senegal (Dialacoto, Tomboronkoto, Kedougou, etc. ..):

- 330 Kilos of medicines
- 320 pairs of graduated glasses

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