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How can you help?


You have several ways to collaborate and this is a list of the main things we need and collect:

1 .-
Medicines: We always need medicine unexpired
* Antibiotics: medication to remove infections (Clamoxyl, Gentamicin, Cefaloxporinas, etc)
* Antipyretics: drugs to lower fever (Gelocatil, Paracetamol, Eferalgán) etc.
* Anti-inflammatory: like diclofenac (Voltaren), ibuprofen (Neobrufen, Espidifén), etc.
* Gauze, bandages and stitches

2 .-
Glasses: No matter whether or not graded, we have an optical collaborator who graduates them, and we take them ready for use

3 .-
Money: Very little money here, is a lot there.
All our projects, both specifics and permanent, are carried out based on the economic contributions of our partners, collaborators and donations from our friends and supporters.
Apart from the option of becoming a contributing member, we have bank accounts to make donations which can be found in our section of "financial contributions".

4 .-
Become a member:
We have created the figure of the contributing member, with fixed monthly charges that we revert by quarterly direct debit. (Minimum fee eur 6 per month = 18 eur per quarter).
To join, simply enter in our section on "Become a member" and send us the data we require.

5 .-
Solidarity purchase:
We have arranged various products (T-shirts, pins, fridge magnets and CD's with images of our trips and performances) that you can find in our section of "Solidarity Purchase"

School supplies:
We always need school supplies, basically for writing (pencils, pens, paints, rulers, erasers ...) that we deliver in schools in the region. We buy the books usually on arrival, as they are too heavy to transport and the price in Senegal is quite right.

7 .-
We basically collect baby clothes, child and adolescent (summer clothes ever as they rarely use warm clothes). Just born clothing is almost absent in Senegal.

8 .-
We collect laptops for our projects in schools which serves mainly for teacher permanent training (we only need that the battery remains in good condition as in many areas the refills are made by generators).

If you want to send any of the materials described in this page, our address is:

Teléfonos : 680933208 (Ana) y 609738720 (Albert)

To become a contributing member
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