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Food Project

Ongoing Projects

The Food Project is a project designed to provide articles of basic need to disadvantaged groups or areas of the country.

During 2008 due to market speculation, the prices of basic foods have increased so steadily that some of the products such as rice and wheat have almost doubled in price.

Accion Senegal initiated in 2008 a series of very simple and direct actions that we perform as follows:

a) Fundraising made based on monetary donations.

b) Negotiation and purchase of articles in stores in the Senegal territory.

c) Direct deliveries of goods purchased in the communities and groups where most need is identified.

On our trip in October 2008, April 2009, November 2009, April and November 2010, and May 2011 we managed to distribute among the population, the following material:
- 12000 kilos of rice (240 bags of 50 kg)
- 4550 soap bar
- 1200 Candles
- 1200 matchboxes

The model that we follow seems us very effective and so was born the current "FOOD PROJECT" in order to achieve sufficient economic strength to continue with the model.

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