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Dialacoto School

Ongoing Projects

The Dialacoto School in the Tambacounda region, brings together 550 students from 8-14 years, that come from the 67 villages that make up the school radio.

The center consists of ten classrooms and has very few resources. No more than banks for students and a blackboard in class.

Giving a minimal basic infrastructure for the proper conduct of its work to the center is the most important economic project that we have faced so far. since the shortcomings in the facilities are remarkable.

In our meetings with the School management, teachers and representatives of the APE (Association Pères eleves), they informed us all the problems the center experience. We draw up a list of points where we believe we can help, such as:

- Construction of a perimeter wall around the School, seeking an improvement of the hygienic conditions, especially on the playground.
Achieved in November 2010

- Construction of bathrooms. Currently there is only one, which can't be used due to lack of water.

- Construction of a classroom that would act as library and reading room where older students can prepare themselves for the admission to higher educational institutions.

- Provision of computers looking forward to prepare students for their move to higher educational institutions.

- Provision of photocopier and fax machine for the school secretary

- Provision of first aid kits.
Achieved in November 2010

- Provision of school supplies (mainly books and pens) as the household economy of most students don't even allow to buy the most minimal required material.
Achieved in November 2010

All these actions have a very high cost of implementation and are jobs that we have to recruit and perform in situ. We are working to obtain partial budgets for each of the projects in order to start covering the needs we can according to our availability.

This is a project of clearly economic nature that we may fulfill in terms of the financial contributions we receive.

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