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Ongoing Projects

The Project "Clothes and Medicines" is a permanent project in Accion Senegal that we maintain and develop with the help of each and every one of our partners.

This project involves the collection of clothes and medicines for shipment and distribution in the most deprived communities and groups in Senegal.

Twice a year, in our travel to the country, we make the delivery of these donations.

The material we are trying to collect, is basically the following:

All kinds of clothes, but taking into account that in Senegal it is basically summer clothes that is used. Also the child population is very large, so it always comes in handy that apart of adult clothes we get as much clothe for babies and children as possible (one of our delivery points is the "Pouponnière", which is a mix of nurserie and orphanage for children up to three years and where the infant clothing is very appreciated.)

The Medicin that we collect and deliver to the clinics in rural areas are generics such as antipyretics, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics, gauze, bandages and stitches.

We also collect eyeglasses of all types.

Donations for this project should be delivered at the headquarters of Accion Senegal.

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