Acción Senegal

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Become a Member

The minimum fee that we ask to our contributing member is
18 euros per quarter (6 euros per month) which are charged via a direct debit to your bank account. If you want to collaborate with a higher amount, please inform us.

If you want to become a contributing member of the Association ACCIÖN SENEGAL, please send a letter to our Barcelona address or send an E-Mail to, providing following information:

- Name
- NIF (N ª CIF or ID in case of being a company)
- Address
- Telephone
- Email
- Quarterly contribution (minimum 18 euros).
- Bank where we have to debit the receipt (Bank or Caja de Ahorros)
- Name of account holder
- Bank Account (Client Account Code: CCC)
(Look at your checkbook, passbook or bank statement and fill in the details of your account in full, with 20 digits).

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